10 Books To Read If You Love Harry Potter

Hello Lovlies!

I’m back, and can I just say wow, I mean I know it’s not a lot, bu tI honestly didn’t think that nayone would read this, but they did and I’m happily suprised. It means a lot to me, and I just wanted to say thank you!

So I’ve just started reading The Iron Fey, by the lovley Julie Kagawa, and I have to say that these books are amazing! She is such an inthuraling writer, I can’t put it down! I never read anything like this and it is lovley! Also it helps that I’m in love with Prince Ash. Now, I do love all the characters, but Ash is my favourite.



10 Books To Read If You Loved Harry Potter

  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians, By Rick Riordan. And if you love these read his othere series Heros of Olympus, I give them a 10/10.

This series is amazing, It’s about a young boy (age 12) who goes on an adventure that he never expected. He finds that he is a part of a new world and he makes friedns fast, so ig you love the adventres Harry, Hermione and Ron has I would recomend this book!



  • The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

God, this series! If you love Harry Potter you will love this series, it’s about a Girl, who gets choosen in the anual reaping, to compeat for her life and to win her distric glory. It is now a major film and the books are amazing, if you loved the choosen boy in Harry Potter I would deffiently recomend this series.



  • Carry On, Rainbow Rowelle also a must read!

This book is about MAGIK (I can hear you saying FINALLY) yes I spelt it like that on purpose xD. The story starts off by Simon, the main character, saying I am worst Chosen One who’s ever been chosen. So yeah this book is quite a lot like Harry Potter, and also a lot like Percy Jackson, and I would recomned this series to read right now!07852bee9e620049cf0140b93a21cf17.jpg


  • The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern

This is such an amazing book! I love it soooooo much! It’s about two girls batteling ti out in a circus to see who will be the ultimate winner, oh and there magicians. But depsite them and all they have fought for, they end up falling in love, so hard and so deep that they night as well take a cold shower after they rouch hands… 😉 but alas there new discovery the show must go, as the circus continuse, will they?


  • The Ocean and the End of the Lane, Neil Gailmen

This is such a thriller! It all started 40 years ago, when a man commited suiside. When a man returnes back to his home for a funrel, he is drawn to a farm house at the end of the road, He has forgotten all about this, and he suddenly remebers. irt all comes rushing back, The girl, the death, and the darkness that was unleashed. So if you liked the thrilling mystery that was Harry Potter, this book is 100% for you.


  • Shadow and Bone, Leigh Burdgho (11/10)

God. This book series is amazing, and so is the author! I loced this series so much! It’s about a young girl and her nation. It was once amazing and pround, now it stands in two. The weight of her world is resting on her shoulders. And what’s more is that they are all relying on her untamed powers. So if you loved the pressue and the power that Harry Potter had, this book will suit you!


  • The Magicians, Lev Grossman

So this book is every fangirl/guys dream! It’s about this one guy who has been obsessed with a fantasy book series forever, and then he magically get excpted to a mysterious school in upstate New York! He starst to practis magic, but it doesn’t bring him the joy he thought it would, and afer graduation, he and his friends discover the land from his books is real, but its a nasty place. His dreams turn into nightmares and he must overocme before it overcomes him


  • Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. Tolkin

This series is very thrilling. It’s about a young hobbit who wishes so dearly for an adventure, thought he quickly discovers that adventures are not all they say they are, he has to keep the mosters away, fight a war and single handly distory the ring that is killing another. He finds that not eveyone is as they seem, and not everyone is trushworthy. Will he surive or will he die trying? So I would recomend this book to you if you loved the war that happend, DA vs Voldermort.



  • Throne of Glass, Sarah J. Maas

Ok I loved this series so much that I hurt to finish each book, and to all those tog fans out there, Aelin No! Aelin Yes! :). Anyway, this book series is about a girl. She is an assassin. She kills for a living. Yup. She was been sent to a camp becuase she was caught doing it, so they sent her away, until the king wants her. She comes to the Palace and finds out just hwo corrpoted the king really is. Nothing makes sence and she feel like she is just a player in an unfinished game. So if you loved the mystery and detectiveness that happened in Harry Potter, this is going to be your next obsession


  • The Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare

Ok so I think that I was obsessed with thease for about a year, and I couldn’t move on… so I’m still obsessed just not as hard-core but still… anyway it stats out when they protagansist, Clary Fray, mother is taken and she meet this guy Jace (if I tell you his last name it could spoil the whole series) and he takes her back to the institute (his home) where she finds out that there is anohter force at play, and that it isn’t just humans that exsist… so she goes around trying to find her mother, but she also finds out somethings about herself that she didn’t know, her past and the information compeletly changes her future. She is a war with herself and then finds out one more bit of information, that changes her whole world! So if you loved the mistery, the romance and the magic that kept you from putting down Harry Potter, this series will blow you away!



Well I hope this was helpful… I hope, and that you, like me can become obsessed with thease amazing series and fall in love with the characters!


Your local book worm xx


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